Our values

We take our job seriously. Above all we are professionals. For every project, we do proper risk analysis first and provide realistic estimates. We keep ourselves up to date with the best practices and new developments in our industry and invest in constant education.

Backed by experience on both small and large projects, we believe that the backbone of every project is communication. Even with the nicest and most thought out technical solution, a project would fail without clear and frequent communication. Moreover, we try to put the end user central in application development and try to get him involved by asking him to participate in brainstorming sessions and usability tests.

Open mind
We believe that one of the most important things in the IT sector is to keep an open mind. We do not consider one operating system, programming language, webserver or framework the best one. We believe only in the right tool for the job. With constant education, we do not only mean studying the things we are already know further, but also broadening our perspective. The wider our profiles, the better thought out our architectural and technical decisions will be. That is why we moved to Android and iPhone development, started building websites with Drupal and PHP as well, put Usability Design in our services catalog and we are constantly learning new methodologies and checking new developments.

We like what we do. Because of that, the drive to deliver comes very naturally and it also becomes very easy to constantly increase our expertise. In his free time, Steffen maintains a technical blog at Integrating Stuff for example, which enables him to consolidate technical details and share them with others.